Kilimėlių Išpildymo variantaiKilimėlių Išpildymo variantai

Production options


Standard production

Terminals made of Teflon insulation - standard terminal with copper wires 305 mm Teflon insulation (or as required), temperature resistant up to 200°C at 600V voltage. The direct connection of the power cables and the heating elements is covered with a heat-resistant sheath vulcanized to the heater body. Power cords from either edge of the mat (standard on the shorter side).



Wires in silicone insulation - for better protection against moisture, the connection of power supply cables and heating elements is insulated with silicone rubber, resistant to 150°C at 600V. Cables of any length are available. NOTE: Excessive exposure to moisture facilitates premature failure of the heating element.



Additional Teflon - wires from the center of the heating mat with copper wires of any length, Teflon insulation, temperature resistant up to 200°C at 300V.



Custom made
Shaped Heating Elements
- A wide range of three-dimensional shapes such as cylinders, cones, cubes, etc. can be prepared according to individual orders. Semi-rigid forms that adapt to the given shape.



Holes and cutouts - we offer heating mats with special holes, cutouts anywhere on the element according to individual customer orders. The resistive heating element can be as much as 3 mm from the edge. The standard distance is 6 mm.


Thermal insulation - in order to increase the heating efficiency of silicone heating elements, it is recommended to thermally insulate them with a special silicone sponge glued to the heater on one side. There are the following thicknesses: 1.6; 3; 6; 10; 13. Heaters with attached thermal insulation retain their flexible properties. An aluminized cover can be additionally attached to the back of the heater to reduce heat radiation from the heater in unwanted directions. An additional advantage of such a cover is keeping it clean.





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