Silikoniniai šildymo kilimėliaiSilikoniniai šildymo kilimėliai

Construction and application


Flat shape, thanks to which holes and cuts can be made
Maximum working temperature up to 260°C
Optimal working temperature up to 220°C
Maximum power up to 3 W/cm² (optimal 0.8 W/cm²)
Low weight allows for use in places where weight and space are limited
Heating elements are close to the heated part 0.08 mm, they are responsible for heating and cooling
Evenly spaced paths 6 mm from the periphery of the heater allow for more efficient heat dissipation

The heating mats are made of high-quality, strong, moisture-resistant silicone rubber, inside which are embedded spirals of the highest quality resistance wires wound on a fiberglass core. This material can be easily attached or glued to any surface. Many versions are VDE certified.


  • In medical equipment such as blood tests, respirators and hydrotherapy tubs
  • In communication equipment
  • Protection against freezing in heavy military equipment: hydraulics of aircraft devices
  • Heating batteries and accumulators
  • In semiconductor equipment
  • Food heating machines
  • And use flexible heating elements wherever necessary

Technical data:

Max. width and length 915x3050mm
Thikness 1.4mm
Weight 0.24 g/cm2
Max. working temp. 260C
Minimum ambient temp.    -62C
Max. working voltage 600V
Power tolerance +-5%
Dimension tolerance

0-150mm +-1.6mm;

155-455mm +-3.2mm;

455-915mm +-4.8mm;

Virš 915mm +-1%

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