Silicone Heating elements/mats

The heating mats are made of high-quality, strong, moisture-resistant silicone rubber, inside which are embedded spirals of the highest quality resistance wires wound on a fiberglass core or a track made of a resistant alloy obtained in the photochemical treatment process. This product has many mounting options, so it can be easily installed on any surface. Many versions are VDE certified. Heating silicone has excellent heat transfer properties. The maximum working temperature is 200C.

Flexible and lightweight silicone heating mats are widely used in many fields. The heaters we offer are used in, among others, medical equipment such as ventilators and hydrotherapy baths. Silicone heating elements can also be found in communications equipment, semiconductor equipment, and machinery used to keep food warm. The elements we produce are also used when it is necessary to heat static and industrial tanks. The drum heating belt with a built-in thermostat ensures precise control of the temperature of the heated medium. Silicone mats can be used for heating batteries and batteries, as well as protection against freezing.

For the convenience of our customers, we allow you to adjust the heating belts and mats. At the customer's request, we combine the project according to individual needs (we make cutouts and notches in any places). At the same time, we would like to remind you that in order to achieve the best results, it is worth thinking about additional insulation of the heater, for example, by installing a special silicone sponge.

The temperature of belts and mats can be easily controlled using our recommended measuring elements such as: fixed and adjustable thermostats, thermocouples, thermistors or resistance sensors.

When you invest in our products, you can be sure that the individual elements of our wide range will live up to your expectations. The technologies we have developed and the materials we use are a guarantee of the highest quality and safety.





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